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The Finest Hand-made Boxes by G. Ryder & Co Ltd

Ecclesiastical & Heritage World G Ryder & Co Ltd

Since 1914 G. Ryder & Co Ltd have been producing
the finest hand-made boxes for leading galleries,
museums and institutions.

Preserving your reputation in conservation since 1914

Ecclesiastical & Heritage World G Ryder SolanderSolander Boxes
Created by Dr Daniel Charles Solander in the 1700’s, these boxes are used to
store and preserve works of art, prints and printed matter, drawings and
photographs in a protected environment.

Made in two styles, with a plywood frame lined in acid-free papers, they
create a safe environment for precious items. They can be produced with
attaché fasteners and card holders, as required.

These are the ultimate storage boxes using the finest archival materials in
their construction.

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Ecclesiastical & Heritage World G Ryder Conservation BoxesConservation Boxes

G. Ryder manufacture numerous products to conserve and protect more
delicate items. Examples of these include Conservation Binding Boxes made
from acid-free boards and linings, archival quality portfolios, wallets and

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Ecclesiastical & Heritage World G Ryder Wire Stitched BoxesWire Stitched Boxes
Versatile and comparatively inexpensive, wire stitched boxes are simple,
strong and are made in many different styles.

Uses include storing and transporting documents, costumes, photographs
and all forms of data and records. All boxes are made to individual
specifications and Ryder’s have in their history made thousands of different

Boxes can be made in a selection of low-acid or acid free boards: 1900
micron kraft lined 'low-acid' board (pH 6.5-8), which conforms to BS 5454
and is our best seller where durability and economy is important. We have
two full archival quality boards (pH 8.0) in 1300 micron Grey/White or 2000
micron Sand/White. To complete the range we now offer our new 1900
micron Buff Meridian acid-free high density board (p.H 8.5) which offers
value and strength where full protection against acid ingress is required.

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Ecclesiastical & Heritage World G Ryder Microscope Slide BoxesMicroscope Slide Boxes
A variety of styles are manufactured in card or wood covered in paper or cloth
to take 3" x 1" microscope slides. Full details and price list on request.

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Ecclesiastical & Heritage World G Ryder Storage and StationeryStorage & Stationery
Storage boxes and desk accessories for the home and home office are essential
items for modern living. G. Ryder make these in various coverings and with a
selection of fittings to suit all purposes.

We are happy to manufacture exclusive ranges to client's own designs and can
offer a vast range of papers and finishes which give endless possibilities.

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Ecclesiastical & Heritage World G Ryder Presentation BoxesPresentation Boxes
Individually designed and branded boxes carry great presence and impact. G. Ryder
make boxes which will enhance your product or promotion. With your imagination
and our technical advice and know-how your message will stand out from the crowd.

Hot foil stamping, embossing and screen printing give a quality boost to your designs
and allow added flair.

We can also make boxes from certain types of pre-printed stock to give pictorial
appeal and extra dimension to your campaign.

Gifts in attractive boxes stand out and increase their saleability. G. Ryder make boxes
with ribbon ties, ring pulls or other fittings, to make your product exclusive.

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For more information and to see the full range of G. Ryder & Co’s products please visit their website at www.ryderbox.co.uk