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Humidity control equipment for heritage sites and museums by Novatron Scientific

Novatron Scientific are the exclusive supplier and service agent for the Defensor Swiss-made portable humidifiers within the museums, galleries & conservation markets.

Our range of products and services extends from high accuracy hygrometers, data loggers and water activity meters to portable humidifiers/dehumidifiers and UKAS calibration services for a wide range of scientific and measuring equipment. These include:

Defensor PH28 Air Humidifier

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Defensor PH15 Air Humidifier

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Wireless Environmental Monitoring System

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Novatron Stadler “Albert” Dehumidifier (JS18M)

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UKAS Calibration Services

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Established in 1992, Novatron are accredited to UKAS/ISO 17025 for the areas of humidity and temperature. We are an ISO 9001:2015 verified business and hold SafeContractor accreditation so you be assured that we confirm to the very highest of standards.

In addition we service and maintain humidifiers, dehumidifiers, water activity and moisture analysing instruments as well as calibrating a wide range of equipment issuing certification that is traceable to national standards, including pressure instruments and moisture balances.