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ChurchEcoMiser Installations


0n7390The ChurchEcoMiser operates in a similar way to a traditional boiler and radiator system but there is no need for a boiler; no boiler means that annual boiler service and safety checks are not needed, and ongoing maintenance is minimal. There is no additional expense in lining an existing chimney or disguising a new flue; instead, electric radiators are sited throughout the church to warm the fabric of the building rather than just the air within it, giving a better quality of heat than other electric options which tend to simply warm heads and can be quite offensive in appearance.

The radiators are unobtrusive and can be colour coded to match the surroundings if required, they are silent in operation so they can be used throughout a service. Installation of the ChurchEcoMiser system is less intrusive than a traditional radiator system; plus, installation costs are very favourable compared to a comparable boiler and radiator system.


For further information visit www.churchecomiser.co.uk