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Partnering with legendary designers, Greg Mackie and Peter Watts, KORG is proud to release their new range of Hybrid Analogue/Digital mixers.

The SoundLink MW series are available with either 24 or 16-channels, featuring HiVolt microphone preamps that can handle hotter inputs without distortion, delivering headroom way beyond any comparably-priced mixer.

The MW series provides instant analogue control avoiding complicated menu diving, with quick recall of digital parameters.

Combined with powerful features such as instant feedback cancellation, studio-grade one-knob compression on all mic channels, and KORG’s renowned 32-bit digital effects technology, SoundLink MW mixers have been designed to satisfy any audio mixing application.

At a glance:-

  • Unique Musician’s Phones Monitor Section for fast, one-knob boost of a musician’s mix
  • The only mixer in its class with Mute Groups to create various input combinations of musicians or parts for a production or service.
  • True 8-bus configuration perfect for recording as well as live mixing.
  • Twenty KORG 32-bit digital effects — up to 10 simultaneous effects with recallable parameters.
  • Premium components including Velvet Sound™ A/D & D/A converters, and silky-smooth long-life ALPS® faders and rotary controls.
  • Bi-directional USB, ideal for live streaming, recording or as an audio interface.

Available now from appointed retail partners or direct from KORG.


KORG UK Sales 01908 304601