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21st century sound for places of worship

Cattedrale panoramica 003Univox Audio have added the unique Activo Speaker series from Fulgor Service to their product range.

Ken Hollands, director at Univox Audio said: "With speech intelligibility at the core of everything we do, we are pleased to bring the unique speaker technology from Fulgor Service to the UK to help transform the service that our pro audio installers deliver to their customers.


"Fulgor Service specialise in sound for Places of Worship. Over the past 40 years they have developed solutions to many of the installation and systems challenges encountered working in these historic, architecturally important and acoustically challenging buildings. Their latest development combines their elegant column speaker design with their trusted active beam steering technology to produce the unique Activo Speaker System.

"The timbre is so natural you forget you are listening to speakers, but it is not the crystal-clear sound, the attractive aesthetic and the beam steering capability with amplification that impress. It is the fact that all this is achieved on a standard twin-core cable. In many cases the existing speaker cable can be used eliminating the need for any rewiring."

Claudio Donade director of Fulgor Service said: "We developed the technology out of necessity.  Our customers are based on three continents and are custodians of some of the most prestigious places for worship in the world. We wanted to bring their audio systems into the 21st century. Steerable beam technology was the obvious solution, focusing the sound on the congregation rather than allowing it to reflect and scatter in the rafters. Our challenge was how to deliver this with a natural timbre and, most significantly, with minimal disruption to the fabric of the building. We believe that is exactly what the Activo System delivers, and our customers agree."

The Activo speakers have amplification and signal processing built in. The DC power and the analogue audio signal are combined and output on a standard twin-core speaker cable such that the speakers can be daisy chained like a 100V line and or connected in parallel. In many cases, banks of old speakers can be removed and replaced with just one or two Activo Speakers in less than a day delivering a step change in speech intelligibility.

For more information contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., call 01707 339 216 or visit www.univoxaudio.co.uk