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AV installers make the (up)grade at Holy Trinity

CAVS pic1Last year, Holy Trinity Church in Knaphill, Woking, commissioned Creative Audio-Visual Solutions (CAVS) to complete a major audio, visual and performance lighting upgrade.

The audio system features an Allen & Heath SQ6 digital mixing console with iPAD control over a new, managed wi-fi or network infrastructure for main operators – and also for musicians to adjust their monitor levels independently. The mixer provides over 40 inputs, via digital stagebox expansion on the dais, with the ability for different service settings to be stored and recalled along with direct audio recording.

The existing speaker system required upgrading to provide vastly improved music reproduction, along with better clarity and intelligibility throughout the congregation. A system based on Electrovoice EVC speakers – a front suspended pair for uniform coverage and a delayed pair to reduce audio ‘doubling’ as sound travels the length of the room – is supported by compact Electrovoice EVF 15-inch subwoofers for true full range reproduction.

CAVS pic2For audio system management – room equalisation and individual speaker optimisation – an Allen & Heath AHM-32 audio matrix was specified: with the additional ability via a remote touch panel to change speaker configuration for different meetings at the rear of the church.

The audio system is completed by Bluetooth music connectivity on the dais, together with a console Denon media player and Sennheiser radio microphones with antenna distribution and charging stations.

For the visual upgrade, a new Epsom 8,000 lumen laser projector provides high image quality in all lighting conditions. Supplementary 32-inch Viewsonic LED displays provide additional coverage for the side transept and for dais ‘confidence’ display.

CAVS pic3Both the in-house visual system and online service stream are managed from one system, via a Roland V8-HD production mixer. Eight HDMi inputs, with the ability for keying (text over images) and dual picture-in-picture, means the system is highly flexible while being easy to use. Two PTZoptics motorised cameras provide image capture within the church, controlled via a network joystick to provide both manual control and simple preset position access – from the altar, lecterns, font, etc – at the touch of a button. A Datavideo streaming server provides direct access to YouTube for online streaming without the need for additional computer software.

CAVS pic4Dais lighting quality needed to be improved, not only to provide a better focal point within the church but also to raise camera quality, certainly in darker ambient conditions. Multiple Chauvet EVE LED fixtures provide dais coverage with high-frequency output helping to avoid camera or screen flicker. In addition, internal shuttering vastly reduces any lighting spill onto the projection screen. Redundant DMX/Artnet control infrastructure provides the ability to add further lighting fixtures, including motorised heads, in the future.

Finally, CAVS designed a bespoke operating console to blend with the church aesthetics while providing a tactile and secure working environment for up to three operators.

• For an on-site installation consultation or advice on the right equipment for your church contact CAVS on tel 01707 649355, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit www.cavsolutions.co.uk.

Local references are available upon request. Alternatively, you can ‘Like’ them on Facebook (Cavsolutions) for the latest installation case studies and product news.