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Un-lucky Strike

lightningLast month, in just a single day, the UK was hit by more than 40,000 lightning strikes.

Pure gold for the press with dramatic and terrifying images literally flooding the news channels.

What the media didn’t show, however, was the indirect strikes and the resulting internal power surges causing damage to buildings and businesses across the country.

And while they might not be exciting enough for the press, to victims these power surges were front-page news, and not only were they incredibly disruptive, but costly too.

Modern businesses are packed with electronic devices and telecoms, which are incredibly vulnerable in extreme weather. And as patterns of extreme weather increases across the UK, it’s about time we turned our attention to our at-risk electronics.

Electronics 300x200Are your electronics at risk from lightning strikes?Ian Wimpeney of Raiden Lighting Protection Services Ltd has been reacting to these changes and busy protecting businesses – and people – from these life-threating strikes and power surges.

He urges businesses to invest in specialist lightning and power surge systems and to test electrical systems regularly to safeguard against faults, as well as ageing and obsolete hardware.

His lighting and power surge systems won’t just protect against lightning strikes but internal electrical faults, electrical switching and overload events, ageing wiring systems that are not fit for purpose and physical damage to power supply cabling.

Businesses need to also check their business insurance to check they are covered against damage caused by power surges.

To find out more on lightning and power surge protection, contact Ian Wimpeney of Raiden Lightning Protection Services Ltd on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 0161 302 8766.

Article courtesy of insurance expert Peter Stevenson.