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Heating installation completed at St James Church, Midhopestones

st james midhopestonesThe ChurchEcoMiser team completed a church heating installation project at St James Church in Midhopestones.

The church had a low pressure coal fired heating system installed in the refurbishment of 1892 which fell into disrepair in the 1980’s. For the last 40 years, the church had been heated with an industrial warm air unit sited in a room adjoining the east end of the church but this reached the end of its natural life.

Before the new ChurchEcoMiser system could be fitted a new three phase electric supply had to be laid to the church. The church also has pews that fit right up to the side walls giving one central aisle preventing full height radiators from being mounted so we had special low level radiators manufactured which run at low level along the walls but below the seat level. This gives a good balance of heat with radiators that can hardly be seen as they have been colour coded to blend in harmoniously with the timber lined wall.

For further information visit www.churchecomiser.co.uk