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Enriching Suffolk's proud heritage for a decade

Suffolk-based Rickards Period Plastering Ltd reaches its tenth anniversary this year, although director Mike Rickards has been restoring properties since the mid 1980s and since 1999 he has have been the driving force behind two other local and respected lime contractors in this area, establishing RPP Ltd 11 years ago in April 2012. 

Now it has an extensive background catalogue of plastering work using lime, clay and eco renders throughout the East Anglia region.

Said Mike: "Our area has a wealth of design and styles from the centuries gone to the present.

Using lime is not just a material but an attitude and mind-set to admire and appreciate. Whether this is through the pure richness of a traditional 16th century putty/chalk/haired mix or the myriad of modern, hybrid and thermal mixes available now. One thread is constant - the use of lime. Use it, appreciate it, above all respect it and it will stand the test of time, do it once and do it right, stand back and admire it for all its beauty."

Mike is proud to have achieved a BSc (Hons) in Building Surveying in 2008 from the College of Estate Management, Reading and with this the knowledge of the complex natural plaster/render market that he has been involved in for over 20 years. The company strives to provide an unrivalled personal, quality application that they put their name to.

Mike added: "Whether it is from the humble 15th century gloriously understated timber framed cottage to the ornate Georgian façade, whether internal flatwork to bespoke designed pargeted works, we enjoy the challenge and relish the unique, the unusual and the individual. The outcome of a fine project completed that they can stand back and say ‘we did that’ ".

Their experience has been built upon undertaking the projects that others may shy away from - whether due to material use, design, access or other specific site challenges - and over the past twenty years they have been part of and assisted in the on-going development, trials and promotion of some now established ranges/products

Mike continued: "The establishment of Rickards Period Plastering Ltd allowed us to expand our traditional skill set as an experienced exponent of the vernacular haired chalk mix along with the innovative and pioneering approach extending into the eco market where modern and unique building materials, such as wood fibre insulation board and hemp construction require a similar sympathetic approach.

"Our extensive knowledge of local construction and the built environment, along with familiarity with the complexities of issues arising from period property housing stock, means we can provide appropriate material applications upon the delicate building fabric and unique build materials of East Anglia, whether these are timber frame, clay construction, hemp, flint or soft red brickwork.

"Through the many contacts that we have built up over the years we have a network of capable trade professionals including framers, carpenters, decorators and masons/bricklayers, able to compliment project requirements."

To find out more visit www.period-plastering.co.uk