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Repair work to Peterborough Cathedral

0n7143The Cathedral Church of St. Peter, St. Paul and St. Andrew in Peterborough is one of the great surviving medieval buildings and one of the UK’s top 10 landmarks. The present building is the third on its site, dating from a rebuilding started in 1118.

The West Front is a masterpiece of the sublime in architecture, its three massive, unequal width portals framing a seemingly small-scaled porch.  The painted timber nave ceiling is an almost unique survival.  The ‘New Building’ at the east end is a superb example of early 16th century fan vaulting, almost certainly by master-mason John Wastell.  The abbey was refounded as a cathedral in 1541.

Stephen Oliver of Oliver Architecture Ltd was appointed Cathedral Architect in 2014, caring for both the Cathedral Church and the Precinct buildings, most of which are listed in their own right. The company have carried out several repair projects including releading windows and high level masonry work.

The presbytery floor, an important Victorian tesserae pavement, suffered due to delamination of green slates, and a programme of conservative repair has taken place. They are now planning future work including releading the New Building roof.


For further information www.oliver-architecture.co.uk