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Stop churches from suffering the effects of lightning

0n7443Direct Strike Ltd are a business that specialises in safeguarding people and properties against lightning. As a result, they feel that it is their duty to do whatever they can for their customers. One thing they do for them is supply the most effective lightning protection testing Carlisle has to offer. The team carries out comprehensive checks and leaves nothing out.

Do churches have the right protection?

There is one kind of building that has always been at high risk of lightning. Churches tend to be tall and can have metal spires or decorations that attract the current. Luckily around 80% of Anglican parish structures have a protective set up. In spite of this fact however, roughly 90% of them possess the tower only variety. These include a sole Franklin rod. They lead from the top of the tower or spire and then go to an earth stake inside the ground.

The majority of churches shall benefit from installing a proper system. Regular testing will also prove to be beneficial. According to statistics, a church that lacks any lightning protection has a five times greater chance of suffering structural harm from a strike. This is in comparison to a church that does have protection. Moreover, the danger of harm to the electrical equipment and systems in vulnerable churches has risen by 50%.

Who takes charge here?

It is common for a building surveyor or church-nominated architect to take charge with these matters. In addition, they collaborate with church officials and other important bodies. Where appropriate, this includes Historic England. You should contact qualified installers like these workers to take care of all the work. Furthermore, they must follow all the applicable statutory regulations. This is something Direct Strike's people always do.

At Direct Strike, they make sure that every system they look at is in a sound mechanical and electrical state. During tests, they will record and log the results of their efforts. That way you have an up to date list with recommendations. When you work with Direct Strike, you are paying for the best lightning protection testing Carlisle can give.

For further information on the full range of services offered visit www.directstrike.co.uk