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Imagine it, design it, build it with Michelmersh’s Façade Designer

Michelmersh is pleased to announce the release of its Façade Designer, a fully customisable tool featured on mbhplc.co.uk which allows designers, architects and clients the ability to create their own brick façade using its full range of products. The Designer aims to inspire creativity, giving users the freedom to firstly choose brick types through colour, texture or size, proceeding onto a mortar colour, and lastly, a bond to evolve the façade to the desired specification.

With a few simple clicks, creators can select their preference from the Group’s current portfolio, from Blockleys’ wirecuts and Carlton’s dragwires to Charnwood’s i-line range and Michelmersh’s Hampshire Stocks plus many more. Users can choose up to an impressive ten bricks at a time, and once selected, will be given the option to tweak the percentage of each brick type, tailoring the blends to match exact requirements. Further customisations include choosing the mortar colour (with a choice of CPI Euromix coloured mortars and more with over 20 colours to choose from) or the ability to instantaneously flip from stretcher bond to stack bond with further options including Flemish or English bond, creating a bespoke and unique design every single time. Full control over the Façade Designer provides users with a quick and simple tool to reach impressive results with the freedom to tweak until perfect. Whether it’s selecting a different mortar colour to complement the brick’s warm overtones, creating depth with a rugged texture, or combining traditional creams and buffs to contemporary greys – Michelmersh’s Façade Designer is the place where creativity has no limits.

This new flexible feature intends to give architects, clients and designers the chance to be adventurous with their design concepts. “Creativity within architecture is paramount, so we’re thrilled to be offering an interactive tool for our clients, promoting inspiration using our products. Here at Michelmersh, we’re always looking for innovative ways to showcase our high-quality bricks, so we’re proud to release the Façade Designer knowing it will be an instrumental tool for designers.”, comments Marketing Director, Sarah Le Gresley.

The Façade Designer has been built with high resolution, authentic product images, giving the final design a realistic, life-like result. The vast range of products encourages users to experiment with their choices, offering the potential to work with a combination of brick blends that may be new to each practice. The ‘mix and match’ style offered by the online platform means that project designs can be endlessly interchanged, making the digital brick façade adaptable and creative.

Once the design is complete, users will be given the option to download their final façade design as a high-quality resolution image, and will also be sent the product recipe with relevant product page links, giving the chance to further download our BIM files or other technical data sheets.

The Façade Designer is free to use and easily found on the website at the following link: https://www.mbhplc.co.uk/facade-designer Give it a try today!