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Latest installation ensures everyone can participate – whether in church or not

A recent commission saw Creative Audio-Visual Solutions (CAVS) install a new AV system into Holy Trinity Church at Frogmore in St Albans. The new installation not only ensures the highest quality audio-visual solution for the church, but also provides a flexible and expandable visual streaming and recording system, to ensure those not able to meet at the church can continue to participate actively in services.

CAVS are a dedicated church technology supplier working throughout the UK to provide the latest audio, visual, streaming and lighting requirements for the modern church. They are committed to ensuring churches can keep communicating with their congregation and the wider world, and a well-designed system will allow the church to be ever-present when fellowship and togetherness are perhaps more important than ever.

As it was installed in conjunction with a re-ordering of the church décor, the system at Holy Trinity needed to blend with the aesthetics of the building while ensuring maximum flexibility for dynamic worship and multimedia display – with the ability to use the system in various orientations.

The visual element of the system comprises a main, 7,500-lumen projector, with eight additional pillar-mounted LED displays for additional congregational coverage and platform ‘confidence’ monitoring. Operated via a dual-output switching scaler, the system can output independent images to the projector and pillar displays. Cantilever brackets allow the LED displays to be turned inwards for ‘in-the-round’ services.

For effective streaming a PTZ motorised camera provides clear coverage of all the main areas of the church, from the dais around to the font at the rear of the building. The streaming system is driven via a multi-input visual mixer, which provides a creative platform for camera and projected image mixing – and allows for numerous additional cameras to be integrated in the future.

The system has been thoughtfully designed to ensure streaming can also run in the background without constant operation, through picture-in-picture capability (showing all images on a single screen) and keying (text over the camera). Along with live streaming, direct audio-visual recording is also possible via removable solid-state media. An AV feed is also provided in the crèche room, to a wall-mounted 65” smart TV, for service relay as well as independent room usage.

The audio system features six column array speakers designed to suit the pillar décor, with additional compact side aisle speakers – supported with dual discreet subwoofers to provide true full range sound amplification. A digital audio matrix processor ensures the audio system is fully tuned to the room and the likelihood of feedback and other acoustic anomalies is virtually eradicated.

A digital mixer with wireless iPad control was installed, allowing for all types of operator, and simple recall for different types of service at the touch of a button. A portable digital stagebox provides up to 16 instrument inputs at any of three connection points around the front of the church – for flexible worship band set-up.

New radio microphones were installed, along with audio playback and recording systems – including Bluetooth connectivity throughout the sanctuary.

Finally, the system equipment was installed within a bespoke console – providing a tactile operating position for up to three engineers.

Creative Audio-Visual Solutions can advise and design the ideal system for any church – including specialising in streaming systems for the growing online church community. Many churches are already benefitting from this type of system from CAVS, so you can ensure your church is present for your congregation in these difficult times.

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For further information visit www.cavsolutions.co.uk