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Historic metalwork specialists repair the Maclagan Crozier

When the Crozier head on Lichfield Cathedral's Maclagan Crozier had broken away from the central stem, as a result of the screw thread being overtightened, the cathedral's treasurer appointed Shropshire-based Historic Metalwork Conservation Company (HMCC Ltd) to carry out the repair.

The company provide conservation advice to all those charged with the care, management and preservation of historic metalwork in all its various forms, but with a particular emphasis on historic ironwork.

The Maclagan Crozier was made by William Dalrymple Maclagan who was Bishop of Lichfield from 1878 to 1891. It was created by Stephen Smith & Son of Covent Garden, London and is made from silver and silver gilt. It is formed of three main elements: the crozier head, central stem and lower stem, each joined together by a screw thread.

Company founder, Peter Meehan said: "When the Crozier head broke away from the central stem it had caused the thin-walled silver tube to fail at its weakest point. Initially, the broken threaded end had to be removed from the central stem. A trial repair piece was made using a 3-D printed plastic section to check that the proposed solution would work.

"A machined brass sleeve was then made and inserted into the threaded end and the silver tube forming the stem. It was decided to secure it using Paraloid B72 adhesive so that it could potentially be reversed in the future. The Crozier was then gently cleaned using Goddard's Silver foam before being returned to the Cathedral."

Peter Meehan has over 30 years experience of working with historic metalwork - from historic bridges to jewellery and coins to motor cars, both in museum collections or as part of our outdoor heritage. Each can present a very different conservation challenge.

HMCC’s primary aim is to provide specialist advice to all those who have responsibility for historic metalwork in the public and private sector. Clients include museum staff, conservation architects, local authority conservation officers, heritage engineers, historic building restoration contractors and private individuals looking for professional solutions when dealing with conservation and restoration problems. The company’s philosophy and method will ensure that the right approach is taken to the item’s conservation/restoration so its long term preservation can be assured with the minimum of intervention.

The Historic Metalwork Conservation Company is an approved member of the Conservation Register, run by the Institute of Conservation (ICON) in association with Historic England.

For further information visit www.hm-cc.uk