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Members offer 25 years peace of mind

imgThe trade body that represents the leadworking industry – and guarantees quality in that industry – is the Lead Contractors’ Association (LCA). The LCA was formed in 1984 to promote quality standards in leadwork and now comprises over 70 specialist contractors committed, supported by 15 associate members who supply materials and ancillary services.

Members comprise every business model, from sole traders and partnerships to established corporate bodies. Whether they employ their own workforce or engage teams of subcontractors, members are required to take full responsibility for the purchase and application of the lead sheet under their control.

Members work to an approved Code of Practice (BS 6915) and recommendations set by the Lead Sheet Association. Those standards are guaranteed by an annual vetting programme that includes compulsory on-site inspection of workmanship and design.

mmarchantThe result is a grading system of the standard of workmanship, published annually in the Directory of Specialist Leadwork Contractors and on this website. Anyone failing to meet the standards set is required to withdraw from membership.

What really sets LCA members apart is the 25-year guarantee that they offer to clients. Covering installations of £2,500 or more, the scheme was established in 1999 – the first in the construction industry to offer such peace of mind.

Under the scheme, after they have completed of two years of LCA membership, a member is required to offer a 25-year guarantee of workmanship and material for leadwork projects over a value of £2,500. Every project registered is vetted on completion on site by an experienced member of the LCA council: they check the installer’s leadwork as well as the design and the materials. Relevant documents, including a technical inspection report, are then filed with the LCA secretariat.

If a problem occurs within the guarantee period, the LCA will contact the original installer to return to site to investigate. If the original installer is no longer trading, no longer a member of the LCA or otherwise unable – or just unwilling – to return to site, another LCA member is instructed to investigate. If the problem is confirmed as being covered by the Guarantee Scheme, remedial works are carried out without further expense to the client.

NCTSAll the costs are covered by a separate trust fund, which was set up and is funded collectively by LCA members and ring-fenced from other day-to-day LCA activities. The Trust Fund is insurance backed and underwritten through Lloyds of London to provide cover of up to £250,000.

Moreover, the scheme is supported by all the major lead sheet manufacturers, providing an effective warranty for both labour and materials.

That is why the Lead Contractors’ Association 25-Year Guarantee Scheme is a guarantee that means what it says: 25 years peace of mind for the client – guaranteed!

Being able to offer such a guarantee to clients is why the LCA can confidently claim that “if you don’t see the logo, you don’t see the specialist!”

You can find a selection of members near you in the online directory here.

For more information about the LCA and joining the association visit www.leadcontractors.co.uk

Examples of members work can be viewed below

Training provider looks forward to another year of SAP delivery

Since June of last year, specialist lead and hard metals training provider National Construction Training Services (NCTS) has been delivering the Specialist Applied Programmes (SAP) for three disciplines within the sector: Lead and Hard Metals Level 2, Heritage Lead and Hard Metals Level 3 and Heritage Roof Slating & Tiling Level 3.

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Giant cistern is master leadworker’s latest achievement

The latest bespoke creation from traditional leadworker Brian Turner is a large cistern created for a historic house in west Norfolk. Cisterns are large vessels, made popular in the Georgian era, used to store rainwater for use in irrigation of a garden.

The particular cistern was commissioned for the rear of the house. The front elevation of the house, dating from the early 16th century, is depicted on the central panel of the cistern, together with design details of the building.

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Leading leadworker tells the story of giant planter installation

Further details have come to light of the magnificent lead planter produced by Brian Turner of Turners Ornamental Leadwork for a private client in Norfolk, as featured in Ecclesiastical and Heritage World last autumn. The trellis tree planter is three metres in diameter and 560mm high. Each of the individual cast panels is 1,710mm in length, giving a circumference of 9.426 metres. Each panel is decorated with motifs designed by the client, depicting items of significance to the family.

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A Royal connection for the Lead Contractors Association Murdoch Awards 2022

2022 has seen many changes, the World recovering from a pandemic, the Queen celebrated her Platinum Jubilee then sadly passed away, having served as the longest reigning Monarch.

The LCA celebrated 26 years of its coveted Murdoch Awards, awarded only to those who demonstrate the very highest standards of craftsmanship in lead roofing.

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Ornate bay roof by leadwork specialists

The ornate bay roof pictured below was devised by Brighton-based M Marchant Specialist Lead Roofing Contractors Ltd – a family-run company of professional roofing and leadwork specialists with over 30 years experience. They can take on any size job, from a small repair to a full re-roof, and offer the high standards of craftsmanship demanded by the Lead Contractors Association.

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Lead casting by John Williams & Co

Kent-based roofing and heritage conservation specialists John Williams & Company have recently celebrated 150 years of working on prestigious historic and ecclesiastical buildings. The company offers a bespoke lead casting service, using traditional moulded sand techniques to create seamless lead plaques and decorative features. Here they give us an insight into this aspect of their work - if you would like a quotation for a lead casting or just some advice please contact them directly.

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Fine craftsmanship lead roofing by Sussex Leadcraft Ltd

Reigate Priory School is set in the beautiful surroundings of Priory Park and is a historic Grade 1 listed building. It dates back to 1235 when William de Warenne, 6th Earl of Surrey, founded Reigate Priory for the Order of St Augustinian whose monks resided there for 300 years before the dissolution of the monasteries during the English Reformation.

The Priory played a further role in history being owned by the Howard family. The daughter, Catherine, became the fifth wife of Henry VIII at 19. She was the last one to be executed two years after the marriage.

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To find excellence in restoration skills, go west!

For over a third of a century Ellis and Co Restoration and Building have been restoring and conserving historic buildings and structures across the South West of England and Wales. These much-loved buildings define the character of the South West, so contributing to their upkeep and repair is a source of satisfaction to the company’s 70-strong workforce. Ellis and Co are one of the largest heritage-specific employers in the region and they only work on historic and listed building projects.

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‘Capability’ Brown lead fountain dedicated

A fountain in Westminster Abbey’s cloister garth to commemorate the tercentenary of the great 18th century landscape gardener Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown was dedicated last year.

The fountain was made in lead by Brian Turner, who is a veteran exhibitor at the Chelsea Flower show and prominent committee member of the Lead Contractors Association.

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Finest heritage roofing from lead roofing specialists

Pictured is the new roof of the restaurant extension to the Grade 1 listed Gravetye Manor, West Sussex. Matthew Marchant of M. Marchant Specialist Lead Roofing Contractors Ltd used Code 6 lead throughout this prestigious LCA Award shortlisted project.

The family-run company are professional roofing and leadwork specialists with over 30 years experience and can take on any size job from a small repair to full re-roof. Marchants offer the high standards of craftsmanship demanded by the LCA at prices that are extremely competitive.

To find out more about what the company has to offer in the South East visit www.mmleadroofing.co.uk

Historic window conservation and restoration - a real challenge!

For this major work, by Brian Turner of Turners Ornamental Leadwork, the lead had to be removed and repaired and new fixings, laps and welts created with capillary gaps where none had previously existed.

The original installation had been fitted together on the horizontal, with all vertical and horizontal parts burned together, then lifted into position and built around.

For further information on Brian's work contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Upton House in Banbury - leadwork by Bicester Roofing

These examples of fine leadwork from Oxfordshire based LCA member Bicester Roofing are of work carried out for the National Trust on their beautiful Upton House in Banbury.

To find out more about this prestigious roofing specialist visit www.bicesterroofing.co.uk

Arundel Castle - Replacement Vent Cover

LCA members Southdowns Builders Ltd, seen here working on the leadwork of the prestigious Arundel Castle in West Sussex

The company has a wide knowledge and expertise in lead roofing as a result of working on many Grade Listed and historic buildings. As well as Arundel Castle recent projects have included Southampton Civic Centre.

You can find out more about this South East based member by visiting www.southdownsbuilders.co.uk

Residential Mews House, London SW1 by BS Leadworks

Situated behind large houses in a built up area of the city, the Mews House was originally used as stables with living areas above. Along these narrow streets are some of the most spacious, luxurious houses you could find. BS Leadworks carried out a total re-roof including box gutters, dormers, flat roof, pitched roof and flashings. Unlike when the house was originally built, they had a duty to vent the roof allowing it to breathe.

The rear box gutter was designed by the architect to fall into sump outlets and down through internal rainwater pipes. LCA members BS Leadworks fitted Code 8 lead, laid on underlay - this was ideal because it meant they did not have to step the box gutter and it could be laid in two runs due to the size allowance for Code 8.

The dormer cheeks were clad in Code 5 and the roof was completed using Code 6 in a four bay formation. This extra roll in the dormer would slow the water down as it falls off the flat roof at the top of the dormers. The top flat roof is vented at the front of the roof and returned out through a vented ridge detail.

The rear pitched area is vented in the same way. Wood rolls were used for the joining method and Code 6 lead was laid on underlay fixed with copper nails. On the ridge details they had to allow for a ventilation gap which was built by carpenters with stainless steel fly mesh to stop any insects.

Finally they capped in Code 5 lead using welts for joins and fixed with copper ring shanked nails.

For further information visit www.bsleadwork.co.uk



Restoration of roof at Marble Arch

Pictured here is a roof restoration project at Marble Arch completed by LCA member company Merlin Truline Roofing Ltd. The restoration project was undertaken using lead and reclaimed slate.

For more examples of Kevin Bailey's work visit www.merlintruline.co.uk


Roof renewal at Pegwell Bay by John Williams & Company 

LCA member company John Williams & Company have recently competed this lead roof in Pegwell Bay for NHBC under their BuildMark warranty because the original work carried out by a non-LCA contractor had failed within 8 years.

The company believe in the old fashioned values of service and quality, as you might expect from a company established 143 years. They remain an independent family owned business steeped in tradition and proud of their heritage, specialising in traditional roofing skills including Lead, Kent Peg Tiling, Oak & Cedar Shingles and Slating.

For more information visit their website at www.johnwilliamsroofing.co.uk

Case Studies by Merlin Truline Roofing

Manchester Square (left) and Budwieser Mortlake (bottom right), a 100k refurb of structural roof timbers together with new slating and leadworks are two prestigious projects completed by LCA member Merlin Truline Roofing Ltd.

The company consistently receive glowing testimonials from their customers.

Mr D Baskey of Purley recently conveyed his appreciation of their work: "We are very pleased with all the work done by Merlin. The lead work is beautiful, in keeping with the house, and up to expectation" he said.

For further information visit http://www.merlinroofing.co.uk