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PASMA Towers for Users Course

The PASMA Towers for Users Course delivers instruction and training aimed at giving competence in assembling, altering, inspecting, moving and dismantling mobile access towers. This nationally recognised course is designed for a maximum of 12 candidates. This course consists of training room instruction with written assessment and practical training and assessment on both of the current approved tower assembly methods, 3T (Through the Trap) and AGR (Advanced Guard Rail).

PASMA Towers for Users Course

Price: £110

Delivery Method: Classroom & Practical

Duration: 1 Day

Timing: 8:30am to 4:00pm

Note: Personal Protective equipment required: Safety Helmet with chin strap, Hi-Vis Vest & Safety Boots

PASMA Towers for Users Course Content

  • Introduction to Mobile Access Towers
  • Legal Overview – Health & Safety / Work at Height Regulations 2005
  • British & European Standards
  • Guidance & Information on Tower Components, Inspection & Maintenance
  • Tower Assembly & Dismantle (3T Method & Advanced Guardrail)
  • Tower Stability & Tying-in
  • Hazards When Using Mobile Access Towers
  • Your Responsibilities When Using Mobile Access Towers
  • Multiple Choice Question Paper
  • Practical Training Session
  • Practical Assessment


One Day 8.30am to 4.00pm.


Upon successful achievement of both the written and practical assessments, delegates will receive a Certificate of Competency and a Photo-ID Card valid for 5 years.


This course cost is £110 per person.

What's included

  • PASMA Course Registration and Certification
  • PASMA Tower for Users Course Notes
  • PASMA Tower Code of Practice
  • Lunch

For further information visit www.nimrod-training.co.uk