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Handmade Bricks to Inspire - from York Handmade Brick

For more from this company visit their website www.yorkhandmade.co.uk

Posting a promotional video on our dedicated church and heritage site - receiving over 12,000 monthly visitors - can start turning prospects into paying customers immediately... and throughout the coming year

Promoting your brand, product or service to church and heritage customers means taking a wider, more creative view - and marrying that brand with a convincing, engaging story that really sticks in prospects’ minds. A promotional video turns the magnetism of TV into a strong return on investment for your brand.

Research consistently shows that people viewing a video will retain twice as much information as those reading text only. Why? Because video is more immersive and engages two of your dominant senses. You’ll know from experience that if a TV is switched on in a room, it’s very difficult to avoid looking at it.

Videos account for a massive 50% of smartphone internet browsing - 340,000 years worth of video content is viewed every day and it is becoming the dominant medium for the information age. Indeed, the vice-president of Youtube predicts that video will soon account for 90% of all web traffic.

Including a video, along with a link to your website, on a dedicated church and heritage website makes it 50% more likely for your company to appear on the first page of Google’s search results.

Let us get started with your video and we can add a caption and a link to your website immediately. After your approval we will make it live and you can start turning prospects into paying customers immediately and throughout the coming year.

We will run your video in this section for £175 plus VAT for a year - that's less than £15 per month - the position is yours and you can change and update your video as often as you like.

For further information on how to get started call Richard Shepherd on 07429 516265 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.