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Russ Coleman

41 Cheviot Mount
Contact Person: Russ Coleman
Phone: 07931 373 859



0n6713Russ Coleman uses the skills and practices he learned as a monumental mason and letter carver, combined with his experience in the construction industry, to create works that celebrate the world around us. After ten years of craft and graft, Russ studied Fine Art in Kingston upon Hull in the early 1990s and has created public artworks all over the United Kingdom for the past 25 years.

His latest works extend a long tradition of British sculpture combining humanity and landscape. Russ’s return to stone as an expressive medium has produced a set of works that are as rich as they are simple. They are a quiet contemplation of geological time and the brevity of life.

One of Russ's other endeavors includes polishing concrete floors - he has had to develop a pricing strategy that covers costs and overheads, mobilisation and materials. This results in a per meter cost that covers one day, two days etc. Each day has a range of areas that can be polished within that day or number of days and each day has a certain overhead. The larger the area the lower the relative cost per square meter, to a point of lowest cost per meter achievable.