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Reclaim Audio

Sound House
Doublegates Avenue
Contact Person: Andrew Bishop
Phone: 01892 525141
Occupation: Audio Visual Equipment


SPEAKER GROUP 1024x645Reclaim Audio was founded with the belief that there is an unsustainable flaw in today’s loudspeaker market. Currently, components and cabinets are shipped in from all over the world, incurring huge costs and carbon emissions as otherwise ethical manufacturers are forced to do business in countries they would rather avoid.

Reclaim Audio is a new brand from people who have been there, done that and decided there is a better way.

Every part of a Reclaim Audio loudspeaker comes from within 250 miles of our headquarters. Our wood is fully reclaimed from television, film and live event productions, granting new life to discarded materials. Our components are created by craftspeople for whom audio is a way of life. Our products are designed by one of the greatest minds in British professional audio.

This means that every Reclaim Audio loudspeaker has a story to tell. Every piece of wood has already lived a life before it reaches us. Every screw, every bracket and every drop of paint is created to the highest standards by once unsung professionals who we now proudly celebrate.

Most importantly, this different approach doesn’t come with a ‘Green premium’ attached. We understand that margins are tighter than ever and that financial concerns will always come first. With Reclaim Audio, you can deliver the high-quality sound your client expects on a budget that won’t break the bank… or the planet.

None of this is new. This is how our industry once functioned and, we believe, will again. It’s time to reclaim the future. It’s time for Reclaim Audio.

Our products include:


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The installation box. A twin 5” full range passive speaker with 200W continuous RMS power and 16 Ohm impedance that delivers exceptional sound pressure levels for a compact enclosure.

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The small job installation box. A single 8” full range passive speaker with 250W continuous RMS power and 8 Ohm impedance that delivers the clarity you need from a small form factor.

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The compact sub. A single 12” subwoofer with 500W continuous RMS power and 8 Ohm impedance that adds deep low frequency extension from a compact footprint.

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The pioneer. A 2U rechargeable class-D solar powered amplifier that offers 2 x 2,000W into 4 Ohms and can run for 8 hours on a single charge.

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The portable power station. With its 3.2kWH capacity and twin 600W 3 pin 13A sockets the GB1 is the perfect complement to your GreenWaves amplifiers. Taking its feed from solar panels or wind turbines, the GB1 holds a further 8 hours of power to ensure nothing can stop your gig.

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Lifecycle Monitoring



The digital logbook. This industry first technology will help us transform how you use, repair, reuse and recycle Reclaim Audio electronics sustainably.

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