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Acuity Compliance

Unit 2
Hurricane Drive
L24 8RL
Contact Person: Ian Thewlis
Phone: 0330 124 6815
Occupation: Fire Safety

Group 880

htgWe are a team of friendly, trained and competent, independent surveyors. We’ll provide you with advice and assistance to help you and your organisation maintain compliance with current legislation through our IRC process.

  • Inspect – our trained Inspectors will visit your site and carry out a thorough assessment
  • Report – we use our findings to compile a comprehensive but easy to understand document detailing the required actions necessary to achieve compliance with current legislation
  • Consult – you’ll continue to receive expert advice from our team once the report has been issued, to help you implement the actions required.

Our services include:

  • Fire Risk Assessment
    A thorough inspection of a building defining the hazards posed by fire, the likelihood of its occurrence and the potential consequences should a fire happen, all detailed in a document with clear actionable items which help to mitigate the risk.
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  • Fire Door Inspection
    A thorough inspection of any doorset designed to prevent the passage of fire and smoke for a specified period of time. The Inspection will ascertain whether the critical features of the doorset indicated by its Fire Rating are intact and will perform in the event of a fire.
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  • Compartment­ation SurveysAn intrusive survey involving investigative works within loft areas, ceiling voids, floor voids, penetrations through compartment walls service risers to highlight any potential breaches through which fire and smoke may pass.
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  • Specialist Clerk of Works
    Working with Architects and Clients to ensure the correct Specification and Installation of Passive Fire Protection Systems at Construction Stage.
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