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Ace Defence

Ace Defence Ltd
8 Westerleigh Road
North Somerset
BS21 7US
Contact Person: Steve Holland
Phone: 07854 257549
Occupation: Alarm Specialists

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Churches sit at the centre of their communities. Theft of lead from the roof or vandalism to the fabric of the building or the churchyard causes more than physical damage. The violation of a sacred space, and the cost of remedying the resulting harm, can impact the community badly. The cost of making repairs to a church roof can be high and may well have an adverse effect on the general maintenance budget as well as increasing insurance premiums.

Every Ace Defence system is connected to our NSI Gold approved monitoring centre where it is monitored and controlled by fully trained staff, who will provide round the clock protection. In the event of an intrusion, nominated key holders are contacted to provide the necessary response. In addition, our detection devices use video to confirm a real intrusion and automatically filter out false alarms completely along with unnecessary siren activations and costly key holder callouts.

Ace Defence supports every installation through bespoke maintenance schedules to allow long term life expectancy of the alarm, and correct functioning of the system, even where they sit on a roof exposed to the elements. With over ten years of experience working with church authorities, we understand the alarm that is needed when working on ancient and listed buildings and fully comply with the requirements of both Ecclesiastical and Trinitas insurance providers.