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DMM Hosting Ltd

61 Lower Hillgate
Contact Person: Steve Foley
Phone: 0161 710 3880
Occupation: Web Design

As publishers of Ecclesiastical and Heritage World, DMM Hosting Ltd specialise in designing websites for companies in that sector.

Examples include:

No Hidden Charges

Many web providers will offer attractive front page prices and then as you look into it a little deeper a little more will be added here, a little more there. At DMM we believe the price you see on the front page is the total price you should pay. The only exception to this is when you want us to maintain your site rather than do it yourself, in which case there will be a small, pre-agreed administrative charge. An example of this is when you may have a price list that you want to update but would rather us do it for you.

As non-technical as we can make it

At DMM Hosting we appreciate the difficulties presented when deciding to take the plunge and create your first website.

For many small businesses the main hurdle is where to start. Just a quick search of Google brings up huge lists of sites offering many different packages and a mind boggling amount of technical speak such as the number of MySQL databases you need, domain names, hosting, bandwidth, disk space, etc. At DMM Hosting we aim to make owning a website as simple as possible for the client without compromising on functionality.

As technical as you want to make it

Whilst some clients may need no more than an electronic brochure that rarely changes, others may want to immediately get their hands dirty and get under the hood straight away.

All DMM Hosting clients have websites based on the very powerful Joomla! Content Management System. Joomla is flexible enough to run sites ranging in complexity from the most basic three page site to powerful e-commerce solutions consisting of thousands of products.

Located in: Web Design